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The Real Numbers of Obama’s Immigration Decree

June 19, 2012


THE NEWS media reported last week that Obama’s executive order granting work permits to illegal immigrants who came here as children would give citizenship to some 800,000 people. The number is closer to two to three million, according to Roy Beck at Numbers USA. He blames Republicans in Congress for their failure “to tackle immigration priorities the last two years.”

— Comments —

Buck writes:

Roy Beck’s column is about numbers; about the economics. No one is better at that than Beck. Sadly, he says nothing about the existential damage being done to the American nation; the permanent and fatal damage. If the United States had the extra three million jobs, would Beck see this as a problem or a solution? Would any but a few Americans care that they are disappearing as a people – jobs or no jobs?

Buck adds:

Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) on Monday proposed legislation that would block enforcement of President Obama’s new policy of letting certain illegal immigrants request temporary relief from deportation. Schweikert is quoted: “This amounts to an abdication of duty to the American people who are struggling in this economy.” 
Rita Jane writes:
My husband is in the midst of (legal) immigration to the United States. Obama’s decree made him so mad he was nearly spitting tacks (he’s a rather reserved fellow by nature), and it has infuriated every other legal immigrant I know, as well as their families. I don’t begrudge the worry, or the cost, or the aggravation of immigrating. What makes me see red is that some people, simply because they represent a large and valuable voting block, getting to jump past all of us who are playing by the rules.
Paul writes:

Note that this was not an executive order but a policy of using prosecutorial discretion to avoid going after illegals. Obama knew an executive order could not overturn a congressional act, although I recall from the jurisprudential ether that some executive orders have done just that and have been permitted by our liberal federal courts.

I wonder what Romney, and maybe Rubio, will do? The fact that we do not know proves Romney will be a disaster for America as we have known it.

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