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Trapped in Canada

June 18, 2012


A FEMALE READER in Canada writes:

You have a wonderful site and I am so glad that there are other women out there, like me, who oppose feminism and have had just about enough of the lies, the distortion of history, and the constant victimhood status of feminists. I have a love of history and it truly sickens me to see women say that they were oppressed for thousands of years until the 1960’s. In Canada, history textbooks are laden with factual inaccuracies: One even mentions that women were not allowed to be educated or teach until the 20th century. It is even so bold as to say that little girls were thrown out to die while baby boys were allowed to live.

 My history teacher was a feminist. She outright said that “women weren’t even considered people.” At a conference on Simone de Beauvoir, a classmate of mine, a young woman who was the poster child of feminism, asked: Why didn’t women fight back? Other classmates said that they “were too scared to” or that men outright abused them. I was too angry to comment. Even the male classmates supported feminism! They did not show an ounce of regret!

All of my English teachers were feminists. My Grade 11 teacher was one. A student teacher that taught for a month even went as far to say: “Gender is a social construct.” And this bogus claim is supported by psychology, despite all the evidence otherwise! Even psychology has not escaped the harpy’s fangs. All the girls in my school, and I will go as far to say in all of Canada, mindlessly accept feminism. They barely know anything about Canadian history. Why should they? After all, it was not just oppressive to women, it was oppressive to the Natives, the blacks, the immigrants, etc. It is a constant victimhood status. They will not admit their own horrible flaws, but they will most certainly blame the white man.

Canada is mainly an immigrant country. According to the CIA factbook, only 50% of Canadians speak English. We are a bilingual country; either French or English is spoken. I am a white woman, and whenever I walk down the hallways, I get dirty looks. Why? Because I am white. To them, I am a descendant of the KKK, or whatever. They LOVE using the KKK card. They won’t mention their own supremacist groups.

My philosophy teacher constantly calls Arthur Schopenhauer and Nietzsche misogynists, despite the fact that they were right in their criticisms of women. He also goes on about homosexuality, as well. My school, nay, my country, has thousands of GSA [gay pride] clubs. Just recently, in Alberta, homosexuals activists made the province drop homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Unfortunately, those who see Canada see it as this wonderful multicultural paradise where everyone can get along. It is not so. If you live here, you will feel like a foreigner in your own country. You will be taught feminism from your birth until your death. You will have people completely ignorant of their nation’s history. Our education system is no better than the American education system, except with more immigrant studies. Grade inflation and corruption are rife in universities here. It is not so hard to get A’s. You do not need to be smart or talented. I have seen extremely talentless and stupid people get above average scores. That alone should tell you something.

I apologize. I have gone all over the place here. I suppose it is just my eagerness to speak to such a wonderful lady. Thank you very much for listening to my ramblings.

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Laura F. writes:

You should advise your Canadian reader to move to the Madawaska valley region in Ontario, where men are men, women are women, and having six or more children is considered fairly normal. I am moving away next year. Does she want to buy my house?

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