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TV: The Obsolete Invention

June 28, 2012


NBC will be introducing a sitcom in September about two homosexual men trying to start a family together. The show will be called (what else?) “The New Normal.”  A commenter at writes:

Who in their right minds even has a TV set to watch this stuff on anymore anyway. Who cares? This is like complaining that there are nakid (sic) women in Playboy. That’s another “big duh.” There is no reason to have “TV” in your house anymore, and if you insist on it then this is what is going to be on it!

                                       — Comments —-

Josh F. writes:

Is this life imitating art or art imitating life. A new show with two “homosexual men” called the “New Normal.” Hollywood always insists that it merely serves what the gluttonous consumer desires.

Think about what you are saying when you use the phrase “homosexual men.” Man IS NOT sexually averse to woman and can NEVER BE and still be called “man.” Who is actually ushering in the “New Normal,” anyway?

Combating the radical autonomists amongst us starts first with a concise language that gives precise meaning to those radicals seeking total liberation.

P.S. This is a similar critique is the erroneous and deceptive use of “feminism” to describe “woman’s” ideology.

Laura writes:

A homosexual is still physically male.

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