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Women Charged with Crime for Abortion

June 11, 2012


JEANETTE V. writes:

Interesting how this woman who induced her own abortion at 20 weeks is being portrayed as a victim. She is a victim — of feminism and the cheapening of sex and marriage and ultimately of human life.

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Jane S. writes:

Yoo-hoo, lady—ever heard the word “adoption?” You found yourself pregnant and the father had skipped the scene. Well, that’s the oldest story in the book. The time-honored solution is to find a couple looking to adopt. No, wait—you’re Mormon. The LDS runs the world’s largest adoption agency. So you have heard of it.

Nowadays, white babies are so scarce on the adoption market, childless couples would cut off their right arm for one. Instead, they are forced to go to Eastern European countries and find a sickly child who’s been languishing in an orphanage. You could have had thousands of people at your doorstep, ready to kiss the ground you walk on, just like that.

This sob story about how you couldn’t raise $500 for a clinic abortion makes me want to puke. All you had to do was pick up the phone, call an adoption agency, and get the ball rolling on an all-expenses-paid pregnancy, right then.

You have a proven ability to produce healthy, attractive, blond-haired children. You might have been the answer to some childless couple’s prayers. They can’t offer you money outright. Selling babies is a no-no. But you could have had your pick among people ready, willing, and able to fulfill your every wish—buy you a new car, get your teeth fixed, you name it. You don’t have to slink off to a home for unwed mothers and have your baby in secret anymore. Nowadays, birth mothers are treated like goddesses.

From your child’s point of view, being placed for adoption would have been a positive benefit in every way. For one thing, he’d get to live, instead of rotting in a paper bag on your back porch. There’d be a chance you’d get to see him one day. Now your other children have lost a brother or sister they will never get to meet.

 Laura writes:

This is why she should indeed be charged with a crime. She didn’t want to be bothered with pregnancy. If she is mentally unstable, a jury can decide that.

Jane S. adds:

Anyone needing proof that legalized abortion is a totalitarian regime, here it is: adoption—which used to be the thing to do, no question—never enters into the discussion anymore. You don’t even hear the word mentioned. I’d like to hear her try and explain why she rejected this alternative, to see if she can do so without shooting herself in the foot.

Laura writes:

Yes, as I have said before, the option is always presented as between legal, safe abortion and back-alley abortions. What a lie.

Jeanette writes:

 According to the article, Jennie McCormack has three other children, but it didn’t seem clear to me where were the fathers of these other children. Was she married to any of fathers of these children? The article goes on to say she gets $250/month in child support from only one of her children’s father. So it is clear she has several children from different men.

And note the father of her aborted baby was arrested and in jail.

How did this girl grow up Mormon and not learn about sex and pregnancy and the value of marriage?

Laura writes:

Even if a person grows up in a family with traditional values, it is very easy to enter the surrounding culture, which offers zero support for those values. This article is one example of that.

Hurricane Betsy writes:

Laura, you said, “Even if a person grows up in a family with traditional values, it is very easy to enter the surrounding culture, which offers zero support for those values. This article is one example of that.”

Well, maybe Mormonism is a religion of traditional values and maybe not. How about the case of Josh Weed, a Mormon who all his life, including right now, is attracted to men and only men. Yet he got married and has 3 children. If you read his story, at, you will see liberalism in all its glory, especially exemplified by Josh’s parents’ reaction to his announcement that he is homosexual.

Time to have a deeper look at this religion. Mr. Weed, it would seem, does not believe in judging at all. Heterosexual? Homosexual? Doesn’t matter – it’s all cool. Now if this isn’t liberalism, what is? I can truly state that I’ve never heard anyone so thoroughly sidestep the real issue – in this case, Weed’s complete lack of interest in asking God (or whoever they believe in) to heal him of his continuing attraction to men, while tripping all over himself urging us to be understanding of people of his kind.

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