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Monthly Archives: July 2012

And, Athletic Vamps Too

  DIANA M. writes: I know I recently wrote that I was boycotting the Olympics, but I weakened and watched the women’s gymnastics night before last. I gave in to temptation. They were covering the preliminary round for the all-around competition. I confess, and I’m sorry, because (a) I was a hypocrite and (b) what […]

A College Student Surveys the Scene

  MEGAN B. sends this e-mail: I read your blog quite often and really appreciate all that I have learned from your words. From reading posts from your readers, however, I get a deep sense of ‘doom and gloom.’ Maybe this is the bright-eyed nineteen-year-old college student in me talking, but I don’t think it’s […]

Comic Books Are Done Too

  TOM B. writes: We have four children, whom we homeschool. My boys are at the comic book age, so I thought I’d see what comics were like, thirty-something years later. ( I was a big X-Men fan in the 70′s.) Words fail me. I came across a series of comics called Crossed. This is […]

Women Athletes: the Macho and the Burnt Out

  MR. TALL writes: I’ve been watching some of the Olympics this week, and have been struck yet again by the effects of certain sports on girls’ and women’s bodies. The very first event shown on local TV here in Hong Kong was one of the lower weight classes in the women’s weightlifting competition. A […]

Flocking to Chick-Fil-A

  [NOTE: Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day is tomorrow, Wednesday, August 1, not today, as stated in the previous entry.] BUCK writes: I just happened to hear a few minutes of radio talk show today. They were discussing Chick-Fil-A. I’m going to find the closest one and patronize it. I’ve never been in one. A guy from Virginia […]


  I HAVE been away from the computer for most of the day. I hope to get to comments soon.

Equality Still Elusive at the Olympics

THOUGH this is the first year in Olympic history that all of the participating teams, even Saudi Arabia, include female athletes, there are still significant hurdles to equality, writes Jere Longman of The New York Times. For instance, the Japanese women’s soccer team flew coach to London while the men’s team flew business class. On the other hand, […]

When Marriage Is a Consumer Issue

  KATHLENE M. writes: No doubt many of your readers have sent a link to the Target ad that shows two men who are apparently about to be “married” (or who are celebrating their “marriage”). Target claims it plans to stay neutral in the same-sex “marriage” debate, despite running this ad. So now we can […]

A Man Packs a Gun for Defense — and Women Object

  BEN J. writes: I live in Colorado, in the Denver metro area, so obviously the rampage in Aurora has been front and center in the news for a while now. Regarding the discussion about the absence of any men in the theater who were armed, I grew up in Colorado, but sojourning in high crime areas […]

The Opening Ceremonies

  THE LONDON Olympics of 1948 cost £600,000, the equivalent of $30 million today, and the event turned a small profit. There were no corporate sponsors and the entire bill was paid by amateur athletic associations and ticket sales, in contrast to the debt-ridden 2012 Olympics, which will cost a total of $14.5 billion. Nor […]

Is Feminism Making Women Bald?

  I HAD a fascinating discussion yesterday with a woman who has been in the hair salon business for 40 years. This woman, whom I will call Adriana, knew nothing when we were first talking about this website. Adriana was very excited because she had just invested in new laser technology for her salon. This technology is something of a miracle because […]

Views of Women Olympians

    FOUR out of five Time magazine special-issue Olympic covers feature women athletes, including hurdler Lolo Jones, above. Four out of five.  Magazines often emphasize Olympic women gymnasts and ice skaters, but here we see traditionally male domains such as soccer, which has a relatively small following on the women’s side, and javelin, which has an even smaller following. These photos offer the […]

More on Athletic Amazons

  THE blogger Vanishing American addresses the issues I raised in the post on women Olympic athletes. She writes: One more thing that puzzles me about the adulation directed at the ‘Amazon athletes’: I thought that most right-wing males loathed feminism, and hated the masculinization of women, and their reputed aggressiveness and competitiveness with men. Yet […]

A Twelve-Step Program for Liberals

  AT The Orthosphere, Kristor argues that liberalism is a type of mental and spiritual disease. He writes: Liberalism errs about the order of being, and so disagrees with the world. It’s poor policy to argue with the universe, no? Yet that is just what liberalism does, and not just in the economic realm. Liberalism is at […]

One More Child Sacrificed on the Altar of Homosexual Liberation

    THE New York Times included this photo today of 10-year-old Kameron Slade making a speech in support of same-sex marriage before the New York City Council. Kameron, who was encouraged to write the speech by his mother, is surrounded by adults (is that the right word?) almost brought to tears by his ideological precocity. If a child says […]