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Daily Archives: July 3rd, 2012

All-American Potato Salad

  THE FRENCH make potato salad with olive oil and wine, the Germans like it warm with bacon, Sicilians reportedly add fava beans. Americans have their own tradition. They eat potato salad with sugar in it. Horrors! Sugar is evil. Okay, be that way. Nevertheless, that is our heritage, and until the federal government bans potato salad (or rather imposes a fine on […]

Age of Fitness, Age of Exhaustion

  IAN writes: Thank you for your wonderful site. I discovered it about six months ago and have been reading faithfully since. This is my first time writing you. I was wondering if you had any old posts on the modern obsession over exercise, especially among women. A conservative friend of mine recently accused me of […]

A Voice Against International Adoption

  PETER DODDS writes: I read with great interest your April 5th story, titled “The Confession of Joyce Maynard.” I was adopted from a German orphanage by an American couple, one of about 10,000 German children adopted by U.S. citizens during the 1950s-1970s. In this television interview, I describe international adoption from a unique perspective […]

“Health” — A Ruined Word

  TEXANNE writes: Many who support Obamacare, and many who are ambivalent and confused as to whether it will help their own immediate personal situation, think only about “health care” as a basic necessity or even believe it is a “human right” to receive it.