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Daily Archives: July 5th, 2012

On Scrupulosity

  JAMES M. writes: During Confession, a priest recently said to me: “I think you are too hard on yourself. Your penance is to think about that.”

Tolerance, without Discernment, Is Not a Virtue

  ALISSA, who is nineteen, writes: I’m starting to believe that liberalism is demonic. The sexual revolution has resulted in the normalization of two malaises: feminism and homosexuality. A lot of liberals shout “Homophobia!” and “You have to be insecure in your sexuality” or “You are secretly gay,” but the truth is that societies which […]



It Doesn’t Take a Village to Celebrate

  SARAH SAMS writes: Was it you or Lydia Sherman who suggested that women should spend their time and energy entertaining their own families? I know that I read it sometime last fall, because I took it to heart and began to plan and make every holiday or birthday extra special starting at Thanksgiving.

Don’t Take Me Out to The Ball Game

  ALAN writes: Lawrence Auster wrote about a game at Yankee Stadium four years ago: “The very loud rock music played during the game made it a very unpleasant experience, not something I would want to repeat. They even play loud music during the innings, as well as between innings. It’s an assault on one’s senses […]


Chicago Police Chief Says White Racism to Blame for Black Crime

  SEE THE recent amazing comments by Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy on a black radio station. He says whites are to blame for black hostility toward the police and, indirectly, for the high black incarceration rate. He does not object when another person on the show says “the legal system is the new Jim Crowe system in America.”

What’s the Perfect Food for Unitarians?

  IF YOU don’t know the answer, go to your local Papa John’s and reflect on its theological implications. A reader below explains.

Oh, I Was Only Kidding

  MARK RICHARDSON, at Oz Conserative, writes about a feminist writer who for years penned articles against marriage and fidelity. Then one day, her longtime boyfriend decides he agrees with her. Here’s a good question. How many women read her articles and did the same thing to the men who would have been their loyal spouses? We will […]

Feminism Has Brought Us a World Where Looks Reign

  MANY excellent comments have been added to the thread on the neurotic, quasi-religious pursuit of fitness. In that post, MarkyMark writes: I have a simple theory about why women are obsessed with looks, sex appeal, and exercise these days. For me, it’s simple: they have nothing else to offer a man besides sex appeal and looks. Does […]

Democracy Grows Ever More Pandering

    KATHLENE M. writes: My nine-year-old son and I have noticed that modern day pictures of presidents — since at least Kennedy — tend to have ridiculous smiles on their faces, undermining the stature of the position. I’ve sent three different images so you can see what we mean. (Nixon and Kennedy have goofy […]