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Daily Archives: July 9th, 2012

For the Very Busy Cook

THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: I want to tell you about an amazing new dinner product from the American food industry, Higgs Boson Helper. When added to absolutely nothing and placed in a casserole dish, Higgs Boson Helper immediately adds mass to your main course. It’s microwaveable and comes in four savory flavors: Muon, Gluon, Meson, and […]


The Hypocrisy of Christian Men’s Rights

  A BELATED comment has been added to the recent thread on men’s rights. Jesse Powell responds to a reader who defends the idea of a Christian men’s rights movement. Mr. Powell writes: Is the very idea of a “Christian MRA” an oxymoron? I tend to think so. It’s like being a Christian narcissist. Is there any […]

Are We Living in the Age of Oxymorons (and Regular Morons too)?

  THE REV. JAMES JACKSON writes: After dinner with some parishioners, we were tossing oxymorons back and forth, and I heard some good ones; athletic scholarship, Victoria’s Secret, Facebook Friends and some others, but the one I had to pass along to you was … gourmet pizza.

Smiles and the Idolatry of Happiness

  JEFF W. writes: Presidents in earlier photos looked like men who were ready to deny themselves and bear their responsibilities each day. Modern presidents look more like they are trying to prove that they are happy. This is because socialism puts happiness at the top of its value scale. The reason for taking money away […]