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Daily Archives: July 16th, 2012


An Atheist Unable to Cope with Reality

  JESSE POWELL writes: Mano Singham at an atheist website, Free Thought Blogs, has mentioned the post here about lesbians who want their children to play with children from normal families. He writes: “You really must read this page and the website in general for yourself to appreciate the alarmist worldview of those who think […]

The Whole World Applauds Smart Women

  JAMES FLYNN, the IQ expert, continues to receive shockingly fawning press for his claim that IQ tests show women are now smarter than men. Interestingly, there have been no public hysterics or angry demands for new programs, as there were when Lawrence Summers said men were possibly more qualified mentally for certain fields. The eagerness with which the press […]

Gruesome Photos of Edwardian Female Slaves

  JAMES P. writes: Photos from a bygone era — no exposed flesh, no tattoos, no obesity, no diversity, and two women are reading books as they walk down the street rather than playing with their phones. Laura writes: Disgusting.

Submarines to Have Honeymoon Suites and Birthing Rooms

  IT’S not quite that bad, but give the Navy a few more years to work out the implications of women on subs. Now that submarines are officially Love Boats, these important and necessary accommodations are only a matter of time. For a federal bureaucracy entrusted with the exciting project of equality, no expense is too much […]

State-Subsidized Illegitimacy is a Great Gig

  HENRY McCULLOCH writes: The Daily Mail reported last week on young Englishwoman (sort of) Amy Crowhurst, who had her first child, so we’re told, at 12. Crowhurst, who lives in a council flat on benefits now tells Closer magazine (whatever that is) that “having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did” because now, […]

Elton John Wants to Buy (and Emotionally Molest) Another Child

  JAMES P. writes: The Telegraph reports that Elton John “wants to have more children” — no doubt once again via a surrogate mother, although this is phrased as “he wants to have more children” as if he were doing so by the normal, natural method. Happily, Elton and his “partner” have made “a scrapbook […]

Flynn Affects the News

  NEWS outlets around the world yesterday reported that women are now smarter on average than men. James Flynn, the well-known intelligence researcher for whom the famous “Flynn Effect” is named, was quoted as stating that recent IQ tests show women’s scores have risen in relation to men’s and even surpassed them. What most news outlets failed to […]