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Allah In the Suburbs

July 17, 2012


COSTCO, the big-box retailer that is as much a fixture of American suburbia as the white-steepled church was of Puritan New England, has announced it will begin selling Muslim halal family-size entrées, or food that has been prepared according to Islamic law. This, and Costco’s other halal products, just might be the most significant overture to Islam in America yet. (And I’m not joking.) Without anyone in the mainstream taking note of it, a major retailer has begun over the last two years selling foods prepared in Islamic rituals. Saffron Road is a purveyor of halal frozen foods, including chicken nuggets and lamb vindaloo. Costco will start with its Chicken Tikka Masala. The chief executive of Saffron Road, Adnan A. Durrani, has sent a message to American Muslims:

We deeply need the support of you, your families and communities.  Let’s show Costco that there’s an educated, progressive, and dedicated American Muslim community by demonstrating our buying power to Costco via purchasing Halal products in their stores.

Halal meats must come, as Wikipedia explains, from “animals … slaughtered in the name of Allah (enunciating this blessing at the point the animal yields its life is the single most important aspect of halal meat).”

What grounds do most Americans have for objecting to Costco’s venture? None.

That’s because most Americans think that because many Muslims are nice, decent and good people, Islam itself must be only nice, decent and good. They believe they would be hateful and sick to refuse to accommodate Islamic law in their own country.

This thinking is disastrously wrong.

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Survey Shows Women Support Reform of Domestic Violence Law

July 17, 2012


THOUGH Democrats this spring claimed that proposals to reform the draconian Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) represented a “war on women,” a new survey suggests that a majority of women voters are aware of the law’s shortcomings, particularly its connection to false allegations against men, and want it changed. The Global Newswire reports:

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A strong majority of registered voters participating in a national survey support reforming the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). These persons support measures currently being debated in Congress that are designed to curb the waste, discrimination, and false allegations which are occurring under the current VAWA law. Read More »


Worshipping Diversity

July 17, 2012


ALAN writes:

The parish in whose church I was an altar boy at Sunday Mass, weekday Masses, and Christmas Midnight Mass half a century ago is about to mark its 150th anniversary. St. Anthony of Padua parish was founded in south St. Louis in 1863 by 14 white men. For many decades afterward, sermons could be heard there in English and in German. Its large and beautiful church was filled with respectably-dressed parishioners on Sunday mornings in the 1950s – with no air-conditioning.

There was no “diversity” in the parish or the neighborhood around it for years afterward. But there is today: In strict compliance with leftist dogma, the parish now celebrates the “multicultural neighborhood”around it. Read More »


Today’s Job Market

July 17, 2012



You’ve had some great discussions at TTH about the insanity and dysfunctionality of the workplace in today’s society. The kind of discussions you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s a subject I would like to see discussed more.

It’s hard to find words to describe the mendacity, manipulativeness, corruption, and toxicity of the job market. If the problem were only the shortage of jobs, the scarcity of money–that I could live with. In times like that, we make do with less. My mom grew up during the Great Depression and she said, “Sure it was tough. But if affected everybody. You were all in it together.” Read More »


For the Neo-Catholic, Rebellion is All

July 17, 2012


VINCENT C. writes:

The nine-state, 2,700 mile bus tour of the “sisters religious” of Network, a Catholic organization seeking additional funding for the poor, which began in Des Moines, Iowa, and ended in our nation’s capital in early July, has ended, but the ongoing melodrama of dissent in the Catholic Church in the area has not.  Read More »


The Thought Police Target Regnerus

July 17, 2012


MARK REGNERUS, the University of Texas sociologist recently in the news for his study of adults raised by homosexuals, is the subject of a university inquiry that could lead to charges of professional “misconduct.”

Regnerus’ findings, which indicated significantly poorer outcomes in life, were published in Social Science Research. According to Peter Wood of the Chronicle of Higher Education:

[M]ore than 200 “Ph.D.’s and MD’s” are said to have signed a letter to James Wright, the journal’s editor, questioning “the process by which this paper was submitted, reviewed, and accepted for publication.” The text of the letter is embedded in this blog by Scott Rose, on “The New Civil Rights Movement.” Read More »

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