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The Roots of the Abysmal Job Market

July 18, 2012


JEFF W. writes:

Your job market thread has been another very good discussion. I liked the comments about LinkedIn. I have always hated it and the people who use it.

I would like to describe my theory of why the American job market has been destroyed. On the surface, it makes no sense. The decline is extremely unpopular with voters, of course; one would think that politicians would always favor a healthy job market. A crippled job market has also damaged the government’s tax base; everyone in government has an interest in a healthy job market, and one would think that a worsening one would alarm them. The American consumer has been the source of sales revenues for businesses throughout the world; business interests thus should also very much want a healthy job market that puts money in consumers’ pockets. Why have the people, their elected leaders, government interests and business interests all been thwarted in their desire for a healthy job market? That question puzzled me for years. Read More »


Feminism: Another Name for Female Indentured Servitude

July 18, 2012


IN THE discussion of today’s job market, a male commenter tells a woman trying unsuccessfully to find a job that she deserves her hardship because women advocated for economic independence. The female reader responds:

MarkyMark thinks there were all these men who wanted to support me, but I snootily turned them down. I never in my life met a man who wanted to support me. Quite the opposite. I met plenty of men who thought my name was “Gravy Train.” Who says men hate feminism? As far as I can tell, men LOVE feminism. They can’t get enough. It lets them off the hook completely. They have sexual access to a woman without having to marry her first. After marriage, they can expect her to support herself.

Funny, how the so-called “men’s rights movement” overlooks these obvious truths. In some ways, feminism has been a men’s rights movement.

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Goodbye (and Have a Greasy Slice Before You Go)

July 18, 2012


BEN J. writes:

My company was just sold to a hated competitor, and they will be closing my office in Colorado, and laying me off in December. To add insult to injury, the ‘new’ company is buying the office pizza tomorrow, from a local chain so greasy, the pizza can soak through the box in 15 minutes, and a paper plate in a fifth of that time.

I find being asked to dine with those who are taking my job and my income rather insulting. But maybe I’m just too sensitive or too old-fashioned.

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