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Daily Archives: July 19th, 2012

Paving the Way for Group “Parenthood”

  DIANA writes: A homosexual California state senator has proposed legislation that will legalize a child having more than two legal parents. Think of the downstream effects of this insane legislation. At first it will appear only to regularize the irregular jerry-built “parenting” situations of cohabiting homosexuals, lesbians, and their egg and sperm donors. But down the […]

A College Professor as a Form of Harm

  WINNIE writes: Facebook may be an unfortunate milieu for many reasons, but it does offer me a strong anecdotal glimpse into the minds of my white liberal, feminist, elite-college-educated, upper-middle-class peer group. Many of them have never questioned the paradigm given to them by our parents’ generation: hippy/60′s Boomers whose outward lives expressed conservatism, […]

The Crocodile Tears of a “Lesbian Mom”

  JENNIFER TYRRELL’S request to continue as a Tiger Cubs pack leader in Ohio was denied by the Boy Scouts of America this week. This is good news. Tyrrell is a lesbian. The Boy Scouts, which upholds a tradition of forming men not lesbians, remains a small island of sanity in a sea of anti-child institutions, a stark contrast to the […]