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Paving the Way for Group “Parenthood”

July 19, 2012


DIANA writes:

A homosexual California state senator has proposed legislation that will legalize a child having more than two legal parents.

Think of the downstream effects of this insane legislation. At first it will appear only to regularize the irregular jerry-built “parenting” situations of cohabiting homosexuals, lesbians, and their egg and sperm donors.

But down the line, this destruction will manifest itself in the lives of children of divorced heterosexuals, who make up a large portion of children growing up in unstable circumstances. Read More »


A College Professor as a Form of Harm

July 19, 2012


WINNIE writes:

Facebook may be an unfortunate milieu for many reasons, but it does offer me a strong anecdotal glimpse into the minds of my white liberal, feminist, elite-college-educated, upper-middle-class peer group. Many of them have never questioned the paradigm given to them by our parents’ generation: hippy/60’s Boomers whose outward lives expressed conservatism, but whose decisions in child-rearing, whose philosophy and whose approval (indeed – steering) of the activist public school agenda formed their kids into the new guard who now occupy lobbying firms, policy think tanks, academia, hospitals, law offices, etc. Read More »


The Crocodile Tears of a “Lesbian Mom”

July 19, 2012


JENNIFER TYRRELL’S request to continue as a Tiger Cubs pack leader in Ohio was denied by the Boy Scouts of America this week. This is good news. Tyrrell is a lesbian. The Boy Scouts, which upholds a tradition of forming men not lesbians, remains a small island of sanity in a sea of anti-child institutions, a stark contrast to the degenerate and irresponsible Girl Scouts of America which has embraced homosexual rights and feminist ideology.

This story, however, is another remarkable instance of mainstream junk journalism.  Read More »

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