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One Giant Leap for, Like, Everyone

July 20, 2012


SJF writes:

I’m sorry to say that I did not remember that today was the anniversary of the moon landing until I saw a news item about it. When I showed it to a friend, he responded, only partly in jest, “Big deal. Some old white dude. Besides, the message he left is sexist.” I then outed myself, and said, “I’m proud he’s white, and I’m proud he’s an American.” Since I sometimes buy this guy beers after work, he just rolled his eyes and walked away. But seriously, who as an American could not be proud? The fact that we do not celebrate this day as a nation is wrong. Read More »


Does Hollywood Incite Massacre? Yes

July 20, 2012


MATTHEW H. writes:

The movies that Hollywood puts out today are often decadent and evil. They glorify sadism, depravity, and nihilistic violence. They are modern-day versions of the Roman games.

Hollywood isn’t just making crap; it is degrading characters that used to be good and decent. Batman used to be a worthy superhero instead of a sick freak. The 1960’s Batman was clean and wholesome. The show was campy and juvenile, too, but it wasn’t a study in abnormal psychology. Batman was an honest and true hero, not an angry recluse fighting his “inner demons.”

Hollywood is tearing the fabric of our civilization. Pop culture is an important and powerful thing, it isn’t just “entertainment.” For a lot of people, it’s really important. Their families have been destroyed, they don’t go to church, the community institutions that used to bind people to one another have faded away or been forcibly broken up — to these people, pop culture isn’t just light amusement; it has real meaning. In many cases they have little else. Read More »


On the Inevitability of Dark Knights in Today’s World

July 20, 2012



Our society produces demonically violent entertainment, and avidly consumes demonically violent entertainment. Is anyone going to claim that he’s “shocked” that members of our society frequently commit demonically violent acts?

Here, by Jenny McCartney at the Telegraph, is a description of the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, the predecessor of just-opened The Dark Knight Rises, which an audience in Aurora, Colorado was watching last night when an armed man burst into the theater in body armor and proceeded to shoot about 65 people, killing 14 of them. Can we honestly say that people who go to see such movies are innocent? Can we honestly say that the people who were murdered while watching such a movie were merely innocent victims? Read More »


The Wonderfully Retrograde Boy Scouts

July 20, 2012


HERE is an editorial by the mendacious, corrupt, child-hating New York Times on the affirmation this week by the Boy Scouts of America of its longstanding policy of excluding homosexuals as pack leaders or scouts. The headline is “The Boy Scouts 19th Century Decision,” as if the nineteenth century is somehow by definition detestable. (This implies that much of what we do is execrable. Do you own property? Do you read newspapers? Repent, those are nineteenth century things to do.)

Here it is, with comments inserted:

It is impossible to square the Boy Scouts of America’s values of openness, strong moral character and leadership with its announcement this week that reaffirmed a retrograde policy of barring gay boys from membership and gay or lesbian adults from serving as leaders. [So what if the policy is “retrograde?” Building roads is retrograde. Fighting fires is retrograde. Many of our laws are retrograde. And, since when has homosexuality been linked with strong moral character? Name a single strong moral leader who was openly homosexual.] Read More »

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