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Daily Archives: July 27th, 2012

Is Feminism Making Women Bald?

  I HAD a fascinating discussion yesterday with a woman who has been in the hair salon business for 40 years. This woman, whom I will call Adriana, knew nothing when we were first talking about this website. Adriana was very excited because she had just invested in new laser technology for her salon. This technology is something of a miracle because […]

Views of Women Olympians

    FOUR out of five Time magazine special-issue Olympic covers feature women athletes, including hurdler Lolo Jones, above. Four out of five.  Magazines often emphasize Olympic women gymnasts and ice skaters, but here we see traditionally male domains such as soccer, which has a relatively small following on the women’s side, and javelin, which has an even smaller following. These photos offer the […]

More on Athletic Amazons

  THE blogger Vanishing American addresses the issues I raised in the post on women Olympic athletes. She writes: One more thing that puzzles me about the adulation directed at the ‘Amazon athletes’: I thought that most right-wing males loathed feminism, and hated the masculinization of women, and their reputed aggressiveness and competitiveness with men. Yet […]