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A Glimpse of the Sixties

July 21, 2012


PAUL writes:

Here is a video of a great 60’s song You Were on My Mind. This was not a little kid’s song that one might see on the Disney Channel today, although I was only around 12 and still adored it. This was directed towards teens and adults. It is a blend of rock and folk rhythms. And the dancing was vibrant but not crude or grandiose. It was uplifting and carried no counterculture message. You had to feel like dancing.

Contrast it with today’s adolescent and adult metal guitar music, mime-like rap music, and techno-facilitated singing. Even the Disney Channel has some stupid, grandiose, mindless dancing such as Dance Camp. I actually like some Disney shows such as Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Ally, and The Suite Life on Deck. They are retro-sitcoms. No messages. Just fun, fun, fun (‘Til Her Daddy Took Her T-Bird Away). Fun is what youth is about and is truly being wasted on the young.

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Laura writes:

Beverly Bivens, who is the singer here, left music to become a mother and a homemaker. So while she was a talented artist, she apparently knew what was more important.

Dan T. writes:

I always loved that song, but it’s a slightly sanitized version from the original by the great Canadian folk singer and song writer Ian Tyson (of Four Strong Winds fame) and performed with his then wife Sylvia. After “going to the corner just to ease my pain,” “I got drunk and I got sick and I came home again.” Pre-late sixties pop standards wouldn’t even countenance that line, which of course wouldn’t raise an eyebrow today.

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