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Contempt for the Past Is Essential to the Revolution

July 21, 2012


ALAN writes:

Your dissection of the New York Times editorial on the Boy Scouts was excellent. “Retrograde” is, of course, a term of derision favored by Modernists because it suggests that they are superior to those who have gone before them. It is typical Modernist arrogance. The truth is that Americans in years past were wiser, more competent, and better able by far to identify and resist evil than Modernists.

The Boy Scouts annoy Modernists because they insist on keeping distinctions, in this case the distinctions between good and evil and between private and public. To obliterate the public/private distinction is the reason for the endless propaganda we see and hear about “openness” and “erasing borders” and “breaking boundaries.” The goal is to weaken the very idea of private property – one of the principal goals of the Communist Manifesto being to outlaw private property. This is why the children’s department in any modern library includes books like Against Borders. The goal is to get them and brainwash them when they’re young.

Mr. Romney, however, is no disappointment to me because I never expected anything from him. Sorry to sound cynical, but I believe all potential presidential candidates are bought and paid for. Traditionalists ought not to expect any substantive changes on a national scale. They should concentrate on local issues and keep as much local power as they can. Governor George Wallace had it right when he said many years ago that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties.

We live in a profoundly evil age. But the first tactic of resistance is to recognize and oppose that evil, and this The Thinking Housewife continues to do most admirably.

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Paul writes:

I fully agree there is little separating the parties. Little here means the big things to traditionalists. The big things are ideas rampant among both parties: acceptance of homosexuality, acceptance of women in the military, ignorance of the carefully-chosen words and the context of the Constitution and the Declaration, an eccentric amusement over toilet/sewer humor, abortion acceptance (not just with some illogical qualifications such as rape and incest), toe-in-the-water opposition to immigration restriction, acceptance of large numbers Islamists into the country, belief that the Koran is an intelligible religious document and the Democratic Party is not a criminal organization, and other things I can’t think of at the moment.

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