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Gruesome Photos of Edwardian Female Slaves

July 16, 2012


JAMES P. writes:

Photos from a bygone era — no exposed flesh, no tattoos, no obesity, no diversity, and two women are reading books as they walk down the street rather than playing with their phones.

Laura writes:


—- Comments —-

John E. writes:

We should be fair to these Edwardian ladies – the photos show no exposed flesh because they didn’t have enough to expose (not to mention a lack of self-esteem to show it). We forget that these were the days before the endless buffet table and the gas station fountain pop (the fountain pop being a certain sign of our great advances in equality, where with the very same dollar no discrimination is placed upon which size you may obtain). It is only with these advances that ladies of our day have found the confidence and wherewithal to let flesh flow freely between low-rise bottoms and high-rise tops.

Karen I. writes:

I have a photograph of two poor ancestors of mine arriving at Ellis Island. They arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs, but they were dressed better than most Americans do today. The relative in the picture I have was elderly, but she was dressed a lot like the immigrant in the photo below, from the Library of Congress. There are hundreds of such pictures online and they clearly show how the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island maintained their dignity in dress despite what were often the poorest and most difficult of circumstances.

 Laura writes:

Americans didn’t really start to look like poor slobs until the normalization of two-income families.

I want to know who forced these women to smile.

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