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More on Athletic Amazons

July 27, 2012


THE blogger Vanishing American addresses the issues I raised in the post on women Olympic athletes. She writes:

One more thing that puzzles me about the adulation directed at the ‘Amazon athletes’: I thought that most right-wing males loathed feminism, and hated the masculinization of women, and their reputed aggressiveness and competitiveness with men. Yet they seem to prefer the well-muscled, androgynous look of some of the women athletes, a look that at one time would have been considered too unfeminine. The old standard of femininity and modesty is all but gone, while the ideal of beauty veers more toward the same muscular and lean standard which epitomizes male attractiveness.

It seems to me there is some confusion here, and people’s standards for the two sexes are becoming much more blurred. Our girls are more imbued with feminist ideals than ever before, and it seems as if there is little resistance to this. The media publicize female athletes, many of whom seem quite sexually ambiguous, and our popular culture is full of images of the ‘tough chick’ or the ‘woman warrior’ who saves the day when the inept males fail.

If girls and young women see the lean, muscular (and skimpily dressed) female as being the most desirable to the opposite sex, we can expect to see femininity diminishing even more, and probably an increase in eating disorders, as girls try to eliminate natural feminine softness in order to achieve the ‘Amazon’ look.

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Joe A. writes:

To borrow a phrase, we shall have fewer Americans but better Americans.

Darwin was wrong in many ways but he nailed Nature’s way of cleansing the gene pool.

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