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Paving the Way for Group “Parenthood”

July 19, 2012


DIANA writes:

A homosexual California state senator has proposed legislation that will legalize a child having more than two legal parents.

Think of the downstream effects of this insane legislation. At first it will appear only to regularize the irregular jerry-built “parenting” situations of cohabiting homosexuals, lesbians, and their egg and sperm donors.

But down the line, this destruction will manifest itself in the lives of children of divorced heterosexuals, who make up a large portion of children growing up in unstable circumstances. Think of it. A couple divorces. Both partners remarry. This is a common scenario. With this legislation the law of the land, a partner in one of the two couples (probably the richer of the two, with more resources for legal fees) punitively sues for parental rights over the other couple’s kids.

Think of your own scenarios – but the point is, this opens a Pandora’s box of further instability and chaos. The ultimate losers (apart from the kids) will be poor men without the ability to pay for a lawyer. This will completely destroy the status of the father, because a father’s status is more dependent upon laws and legal structures than does the mother’s.

This is a recipe for disaster. This is the answer to those heterosexuals who scoff, “How does homosexual marriage affect my marriage?”

Diana writes:

This article is in favor.

Look at the example the author gave in defense of this abominable legislation:

“Another example is the case that gave rise to the legislation: A woman involved in a same-sex relationship left her partner and was impregnated by a man, but then returned to her female partner. The lesbian couple fought, after which one woman was hospitalized and the other jailed; the daughter landed in foster care because the biological father, even though he had a relationship with the girl, could not be considered a parent by the court.”

In a sane world, the two legal parents of the child would be the biological parents, unless something catastrophic has intervened and another person, is designated by a court to be a guardian.

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Alissa writes:

“How does homosexual marriage affect my marriage?”

The way feminism affected marriage, that’s how. But hey, these heterosexuals are probably all feminists too, as with Barack Obama, so they see nothing wrong with it.

Diana writes:

To Alissa:

They will see something wrong with it, when, after their own divorce, THEIR parental rights are infringed upon by their ex-husband’s new wife. Or new husband?

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