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Smiles and the Idolatry of Happiness

July 9, 2012


JEFF W. writes:

Presidents in earlier photos looked like men who were ready to deny themselves and bear their responsibilities each day. Modern presidents look more like they are trying to prove that they are happy. This is because socialism puts happiness at the top of its value scale.

The reason for taking money away from those that have too much and giving it to those who have too little is so that there will be greater happiness. The reason for government regulating and controlling everything is so that everyone will be shielded from events or conditions that may cause unhappiness. 

Is it socially acceptable today to admit self-caused unhappiness? It is, of course, very acceptable to express anger and resentment against the white male power structure; but that anger is not the same as unhappiness. It is also acceptable to blame others (e.g., parents, a husband) for one’s unhappiness. But when is it acceptable to say that one is unhappy because of one’s own failures? I believe that in a happiness-worshiping culture, a person who admits to being unhappy and has no one to blame for it is committing an offense against the reigning idolatry.

Christianity is a religion of self-denial and duty. “Then he said to them all: ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me’” (Luke 9:23). Liberals put happiness at the top of their value system, and they also believe that happiness is obtained through money and sex. Those are the things they always focus on. In their world view, the main cause of unhappiness in the world is bad people (conservatives) who are getting in the way of sharing the wealth and who are also forcing their repressive sexual morality on others.

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Laura writes:

Our happiness-worshipping culture does have a socially acceptable word for guilt. It’s called depression.

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