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The Crocodile Tears of a “Lesbian Mom”

July 19, 2012


JENNIFER TYRRELL’S request to continue as a Tiger Cubs pack leader in Ohio was denied by the Boy Scouts of America this week. This is good news. Tyrrell is a lesbian. The Boy Scouts, which upholds a tradition of forming men not lesbians, remains a small island of sanity in a sea of anti-child institutions, a stark contrast to the degenerate and irresponsible Girl Scouts of America which has embraced homosexual rights and feminist ideology.

This story, however, is another remarkable instance of mainstream junk journalism. Tyrrell has been described throughout the land as a “lesbian mom” who wanted the best for her son and is pictured in embraces with seven-year-old, Cruz, who is adorable. Tyrrell, “the 32-year-old stay-at-home mother,” is humanized and softened while the Boy Scouts is portrayed as a cold, impersonal organization upholding cold and impersonal objectives.

Never once, as far as I can ascertain, are the most basic facts about Tyrrell provided.

Is the little boy she calls her son truly her son? Where is his father? What does his father think about all this? Does she even know who he is? How long has she been with her lesbian girlfriend? Are the other children in the household the boy’s siblings?

No journalist has asked Tyrrell, “Isn’t the purpose of the Boy Scouts to promote male bonding? Wouldn’t a boy being raised by lesbians benefit from male leadership? Or at least leadership by women who don’t have an aversion to men?”

A lesbian by definition is repelled by men. The purpose of the Boy Scouts is to form men.

Here are some more questions. “Given that many people object to having lesbians lead their sons in Boy Scout packs, why doesn’t she manfully, excuse the expression, step aside? Why is this personally so important to her? How much financial support and encouragement has she received from distant homosexual organizations that have never met her son?”

The script has been written and Jennifer Tyrrell, who represents not the glamorous Smith College face of lesbianism (well, at least I don’t believe she does though we are never told anything about Tyrrell) but the mainstream phenomenon of two overweight women heading into a boring middle age, is simply playing her role. Journalists plug in new names for several ongoing storylines. This is the play about the aggrieved and bullied homosexual. You know the show. You’ve seen it a hundred times.

It takes art, not truth, to make a woman who is bullying an entire cultural institution and pressuring it to throw away its reason for being look like an innocent victim.


— Comments —

Samson writes:

I write you this anecdote to reinforce something that we should always bear in mind, which is that although righteous anger at injustice does exist, it’s easy to get too worked up and angry about this stuff when we read it on the internet. Our brains are conducive to this irrationality for some reason. But the proper attitude towards much of the homosexual phenomenon is sadness and compassion.

Earlier this week, at the medical clinic where I work, I met a lesbian and her adopted toddler “son.” She was the classic bull lesbian: extremely male haircut and attire, and quite obviously unfriendly towards me. But it was during the course of my interview, when this woman referred to her “wife,” that I was all of a sudden struck, absolutely dumbfounded, by a sense of pure grief and compassion for this person. I realized with shock, like a bolt of lightning, that I’m looking at a woman who is desperately, oh, so fervently, trying to convince herself to believe in a reality that is not true, and never, ever can be true. It’s like watching some kind of modern-day Sisyphus push helplessly against the boulder of actuality, or maybe more like a naive child snuggling in her bed, devotedly hoping, against every piece of evidence, that her divorced parents will get back together. Or like some other hopeless, child-like delusion that I can’t even name. The pitiable self-deception occurring here makes me want to cry for this person.

Don’t let’s forget this lesson, even as we experience our righteous anger.

Laura writes:

Compassion is the essence of righteous anger.

The woman Samson mentions, and the women in this article, are most certainly in some senses victims of those who failed to express righteous anger and who felt it was compassionate to normalize lesbianism, when in fact it is cruel, especially to the most vulnerable members of society. Who knows what their circumstances have been in life. Homosexuality is often a product of family breakdown. The Smith College lesbians will move on or compensate with fancy careers, but the many less glamorous lesbians and their children will be left with more difficult and destructive consequences.

James P. writes:

Samson says we should be sad and compassionate towards lesbians. We should be angry that the lesbian in question adopted a boy and will undoubtedly destroy him psychologically and morally. We should be angry that she expects us all to endorse and celebrate her decision to destroy that poor boy. We should be angry that she wishes to eliminate the normal American family for no better reason than so that she can feel that wrong is right, that lies are truth, and that ugliness is beautiful.

Pitiful though she may be as an individual, one must not lose sight of the fact that she is actively perpetrating evil and demanding that we assist her to do so.

Laura writes:

Again, it is unclear from the stories whether the boy is her adopted son, her biological son or simply a child she calls her son. In any event, what she has done to him is unconscionable. I also think she probably doesn’t fully understand why this is so.

Mrs. M. writes:

When I first viewed Ms. Tyrrell on the television news, I thought she was a male. I thought her “other half” was the “mom” in question and Ms. Tyrrell was a member of her entourage. Her appearance made me wonder once again: if lesbians despise men so much, why do they try to look like them? Why do they not enjoy looking female? Do you have any insight?

Laura writes:

It was a simplification for me to say lesbians are “repelled by men.” Many also strongly identify with men, to the point of being attracted to women and acting upon masculine tendencies, perhaps innate masculine traits that lesbian culture encourages them to cultivate and openly express. Lesbian culture rejects men and abhors masculinity while at the same time encouraging women to act like men and pretend they are men. Homosexuals often face an inner battle over a confused identity, and deserve compassion for this struggle, but homosexual culture encourages them to resolve that battle by giving into a desire to act as the opposite sex.

A butch lesbian such as Tyrrell perhaps believes that she can act as a quasi-father too. But of course, this is impossible. No woman can be a father to a boy or to a girl. Children are acutely sensitive and conscious of the difference.

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