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The Dumbed-Down Court

July 2, 2012


THIS 2008 photo of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts speaks volumes. Here is a man who wants to be liked. Is it any surprise Roberts is responsible for arguably the most stupid Supreme Court ruling in history, a ruling that makes a penalty a tax even though members of Congress said over and over that the penalty was not a tax? At Forbes, Doug Bandow writes that “rarely has such a smart judge written such a bad opinon.”

                  —– Comments —-

Fred Owens writes:

Justice Roberts is not the villain in this story. I believe that his ambivalence reflects the attitude of the country as a whole. My informal survey of public opinion is that half the American people are in solid support of Obamacare and the other half are strongly opposed to it, leaving a few souls, such as Roberts, in the difficult position of making a very narrow call. The nation is divided just as the eight justices plus Roberts are divided.

What the court’s 5-to-4 decision means to me is that nothing has really been decided and we remain, as a nation, at odds with each other over this.

 Laura writes:

The duty of the Supreme Court is to uphold the Constitution not to serve as a pollster. It’s not a question of whether people want nationalized medicine or not, but whether the federal government has the authority to impose it. Roberts’ reading of the Constitution is illogical and frees the government to compel citizens to do anything by simply imposing a fine on those who do not do it.

Lydia Sherman writes:

Michael Savage thinks that Roberts’ cognitive disassociation is a result of medication. He then urges religious people to get exemption from Obamacare, until there will be no one left in the program. I honestly think it would not matter if everyone refused to participate. The federal government would find a way to force it on them.

Here’s an article at WND on Savage’s points.

Laura writes:

Interesting. I did not know Roberts was on medication for epilepsy.

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