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The Parade of Amazons Begins

July 26, 2012



KAREN I. writes:

The following photo of two American women Olympic soccer players is on the front page of the The Wall Street Journal today. The woman on the right is not in the newspaper photo, but she is in online versions. The two women embracing are Megan Rapinoe (top) and Alex Morgan.

Looking at this, I cannot imagine any normal little girl wanting to grow up to be an Olympic soccer player, can you?

Laura writes:

I think little girls see these images of women who are getting lots of public attention and unconsciously imitate them. By the way, there are more women than men in the Olympics this year, which is to be expected given that virtually every modern regime is pushing women to ape men and devoting unprecedented resources to women’s athletics.

In Plato’s Republic, Socrates imagines an egalitarian, communistic world ruled by the select. The key to erasure of the distinctions between the sexes, he says, is to rid women of shame and induce them to practice athletics in nakedness with the men. “And the man who laughs at naked women practicing gymnastics for the sake of the best, ‘plucks from his wisdom an unripe fruit for ridicule’ and doesn’t know — as it seems — at what he laughs or what he does.” (Book V, 457; transl. Allan Bloom)

The world of the macho female athlete is the world of the super state.

Feminine modesty protects privacy and intimacy, everything that is separate from the collective hive. The strongest objection to the near-naked Amazon is not founded in prudishness, but in the desire to prevent a form of human slavery. Most people don’t get that and when you defend female modesty they get caught up in the idea that you don’t want women to have fun.



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Paul writes:

Something that makes the photo more pathetic is that nobody watches women’s soccer. Hundreds of thousands of tickets are unsold at the London Olympics. Of course the female figures are not released but only hinted at. Why watch females trying to emulate men and failing? Watching female soccer is like watching Division II American college football. Nobody cares. Hopefully the Division II schools do care.

When Chris Evert was playing tennis, we men cheered because she was pretty, gentile, and graceful. She was not a muscular beast that destroyed women’s tennis on TV. Maria Sharapova is certainly one fine looking woman, but she can’t stay at the top as Chris could. Maria is even engaging in moronic grunting.

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