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The Thought Police Target Regnerus

July 17, 2012


MARK REGNERUS, the University of Texas sociologist recently in the news for his study of adults raised by homosexuals, is the subject of a university inquiry that could lead to charges of professional “misconduct.”

Regnerus’ findings, which indicated significantly poorer outcomes in life, were published in Social Science Research. According to Peter Wood of the Chronicle of Higher Education:

[M]ore than 200 “Ph.D.’s and MD’s” are said to have signed a letter to James Wright, the journal’s editor, questioning “the process by which this paper was submitted, reviewed, and accepted for publication.” The text of the letter is embedded in this blog by Scott Rose, on “The New Civil Rights Movement.”

“Scott Rose” is the blogonym of freelance writer and gay activist Scott Rosenweig. He is the primary instigator of the attack on Regnerus, and appears to devote much of his time to writing screeds against defenders of traditional marriage, a collection of which can be found here. Rosenweig is not a scholar or an expert in Regnerus’s field and his views on Regnerus’s research might occasion little attention except that he has triggered the University of Texas at Austin’s procedure for handling allegation of “scientific misconduct.”

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