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Tolerance, without Discernment, Is Not a Virtue

July 5, 2012


ALISSA, who is nineteen, writes:

I’m starting to believe that liberalism is demonic. The sexual revolution has resulted in the normalization of two malaises: feminism and homosexuality. A lot of liberals shout “Homophobia!” and “You have to be insecure in your sexuality” or “You are secretly gay,” but the truth is that societies which tolerate homosexuality go to accepting it and then finally normalizing it on a grand scale. Children in particular are quite impressionable and if you teach them that there is no difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality then they will ‘experiment.’ If you teach them that there are no differences between men and women then androgyny will be the result (e.g. modern Sweden). Another example: look at how feminism has affected young women into working out hard and achieving boy-like physiques as they masculinize themselves more and more (not to mention the acceptance of perversions like anal intercourse which is tied directly to pederasty and teenage boy love). Here’s an article that ties national suicide to the sexual revolution. And like all demons, liberalism disguises itself as angel of light, when in reality it’s destruction. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions. If one cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, between goodness and evil, then that perhaps can be the greatest evil. Tolerance, without discernment, is not a virtue.

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John writes:

My son debated a homosexual online who pulled the line that Alissa mentioned. He said that the reason my son opposed the homosexual agenda was because he was in denial about his homosexuality.

My son replied: “Maybe you’re promoting gayness because you’re in denial about your heterosexuality.”

Lawrence Auster writes:

Without getting into the homosexuality issue and its particulars for the moment, I just want to second Alissa’s general statement that liberalism is demonic. Except that, unlike Alissa, I’m not starting to believe it; as a result of a recent experience, I am now convinced of it.

Daniel Pech writes:

There is a right way in every realm of human life, and thus many wrong ways possible in each realm. Within the biological realm of human life is the sexual realm. The sexual realm of human life is the most central to human life, and thus the most powerful for either good or evil, for either insight or delusion, for either sustaining life’s central functions or warping them. Sexuality is to human life as the atom is to physics.

Ken C. writes:

The phrase, “liberalism is demonic,” is more than apt, at least in the Barack Obama modern form. Think about all that modern liberalism espouses: feminism, abortion, masturbation & contraception; all of these things are anti-creative and focused only on the “happiness” of the individual involved. This is a slap in the face of God. Add in with this the eco-religion of the lefties and you end up with an intense hatred of the human creature.

Laura writes:

Yes, I agree. Liberalism is demonic.

The devil despises solitude and contemplation.  He  wages an especially intense war against the woman in her home. She is away from the crowd and thus more likely to become an independent thinker. Feminism, which is but one facet of liberalism, is one of his most brilliant ideas— the woman herself turns against her own interests and pleasures. She turns against her faculty to love and cherish —  all for the tinsel of worldly power and money.

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