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What’s the Perfect Food for Unitarians?

July 5, 2012


IF YOU don’t know the answer, go to your local Papa John’s and reflect on its theological implications.

A reader below explains.

Jane R. writes:

 I’m compelled to write because I have a pizza incident I’d like to report. I attended a Unitarian Church (oh, the stories I could tell) camping trip this weekend which included a potluck dinner on Saturday. The woman who was in charge arrived at the potluck — are you ready? — with a stack of pizza boxes! Yes, you read that correctly. She brought pizza to the potluck dinner which was held under a pavilion at a state park. I thought at the time, oh my, Laura Wood is really on to something here and enjoyed a silent laugh to myself.

While I’m writing I’d like to mention the Unfair Campaign. As you would guess, it’s a white guilt campaign. Maybe you have heard of it. After watching the thirty second clip on You Tube, I was absolutely speechless. Dumbstruck. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t imagine it picking up much steam, it’s so over the top, but step-by-step the agenda marches on.

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Hurricane Betsy writes:

From the Unfair campaign:

“Duluth has had an overwhelmingly dominant white culture for a very long time. This fact has contributed to the development of a monoculture in which white norms are dominant and considered “normal.”

Alrightythen! Let’s go to some town, village or city in Africa. Mein Gott! The dominant culture is black African and has been so, for a very long time. All aspects of daily life are based on black culture and considered “normal.” How are we going to fix this?

They’se yanking our chain, that’s what I think.

Jane writes:

One of the major contributors to the Unfair Campaign is renowned author and anti-racism activist Tim Wise. He lives at 4405 Westlawn Dr, Nashville, TN in a $600,000 home. His neighborhood is 97% white and 0% black. The hypocrisy is appalling.

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