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When Marriage Is a Consumer Issue

July 30, 2012


KATHLENE M. writes:

No doubt many of your readers have sent a link to the Target ad that shows two men who are apparently about to be “married” (or who are celebrating their “marriage”). Target claims it plans to stay neutral in the same-sex “marriage” debate, despite running this ad. So now we can add Target to the ever-growing list of companies that seek to undermine traditional marriage and traditional American values. That list includes Amazon, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Starbucks, and General Mills. It’s increasingly apparent that our elite want to force same-sex “marriage” on the entire nation, “whether we like it or not” (to quote Gavin Newsom who forced same-sex marriage on Californians a few years ago).

Laura writes:

The number of retail giants that have come out in favor of redefining marriage dwarfs the dissenters. Only Chick-Fil-A represents the opposition, so far as I know. Dan Cathy, the head of Chick-Fil-A, deserves enormous credit, especially for making statements far more powerful than those made by virtually any public official. He said recently:

I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, “We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,” and I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is about.

It takes guts and conviction for any corporation to allow its stores to become targets of bullies. J.C. Penney’s and Target may lose customers, but no public officials are threatening them with business restrictions and marriage supporters have not staged protests at stores. So far, officials in Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia have said they would keep Chick-Fil-A stores from opening in those places and there have been protests at some of its locations. It’s amazing and surreal, isn’t it? A major chain faces exclusion because its chief officer states that marriage between men and women is good.

Wednesday, as you probably know, is Chick–Fil-A Appreciation Day.

Target’s claim that it is neutral is insulting. One can only hope that all of these chains that have announced their support for redefining marriage will suffer losses in sales, as J.C. Penney’s has. Fortunately, there are alternatives to all of them, even Amazon.

This issue was bound to become a major consumer battle. There is no neutrality regarding something so basic and fundamental to social order. This conflict could not have remained confined to politics.

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Regina Hess writes:

What is the alternative to Amazon? I love Amazon! :(

Laura writes:

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has donated $2.5 million to fight a marriage amendment in Washington state.

On the one hand, Amazon does sell books that argue against same-sex marriage. But on the other hand,  profits have gone to the cause of same-sex marriage.

I would consider the alternatives — Barnes and Noble, Alibris, and other booksellers — whenever  possible.

Alissa writes:

Amazon donated to support such filth? Well, that does it. I’m requesting that my account be deleted in late August. Why late August? I’m still waiting for the last orders to arrive and when that happens then I will officially delete my account.

Jane S. writes:

So much for capitalism being a “conservative” thing.

Elaine writes:

The only other person/company that may be siding with Dan Cathy is David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby. His company was founded on Christians values and they are also closed on Sunday. He wrote a book, ‘More Than a Hobby,’ explaining his beliefs and how they do business in a secular world.

Recently, I was disappointed to hear Carrie Underwood (several weeks ago?) come out and announce her support for homosexual marriage. She was raised in a conservative Christian home. I guess all the glitter and bright lights have gone to her head. Oh well, I don’t really listen to music anymore, I prefer quiet.

Shannon Hood writes:

It is important to keep in mind that Amazon the company is not donating a penny to the gay marriage cause. The founder, Jeff Bezos, did so, but it must be recognized that once Amazon pays Mr. Bezos his salary, it is then as a private citizen that he chose to make that contribution. So this connection is even less of an issue than Chick-fil-A’s connection with traditional marriage, since Chick-fil-A the company (as opposed to Mr. Cathy, the president) has donated many millions to WinShape Foundation, which in turn gives money to foundations which uphold traditional marriage. Personally, I am all for Chick-fil-A donating money to support the instutution of marriage between a man and a woman, but if Amazon the company were donating to support gay marriage, then you would find me boycotting Amazon.

Paul Cassou writes:

I was shocked when I went into Penney’s this weekend to buy some men’s dress clothes. (They are by far the best value. But I buy nothing else from them for the obvious reason.) There were no salespeople. Not one. There were only cashiers. I had to leave one cashier because he could not figure out what to do with his charge. If I had had a Penny’s bag, I could have walked out of the store without paying. It was desolate. One high-end outlet’s section had no merchandise. Too bad I am about to lose my favorite store for dress clothes because of the whim of a board of directors, who no doubt are on their way out. The stockholders must be furious.

Laura replies to Shannon Hood:

But isn’t one indirectly supporting homosexual “marriage” by contributing to Amazon’s earnings?

Shannon writes:

Yes, I suppose. I guess I haven’t personally decided whether that level of involvement is offensive to me or not.

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