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Monthly Archives: August 2012


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Shulamith Firestone Dies

  THE FEMINIST writer Shulamith Firestone, a feminist luminary of the 1970s who argued that pregnancy and childbearing were “barbaric” and entailed female oppression, died in Manhattan on Tuesday. In an obituary in The New York Times, Margalit Fox discreetly reports that Firestone was clinically insane. In addition to her famous 1970 book The Dialectic of Sex: The Case […]

Transgendered Freak Infiltrates La Leche League

  A READER named Laura sends this story about a woman who thinks she’s a man, has had hormonal therapy to make her look like a man and calls herself by a man’s name. Nevertheless, this woman wants to be a breastfeeding counselor for La Leche League in Canada.

Romney’s Vision of Jobs for All

  MITT ROMNEY came across as a likeable and earnest man during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention last night, so likeable and earnest that at times I felt uncomfortably close to seeing him burst into tears, especially when he uttered that magic word “mom,” which came within a few moments of his opening. Expending little time or passion on […]

Keep the Alternative Press Alive

  PLEASE consider donating toward this site’s continued existence. I realize not everyone can give, and I also thank those who have given before, but if you are able to help this site remain active, your contributions will be most appreciated. You can make a donation here.

The Weird Things Men Have Made Women Do, Chapt. 40,904,361

  LAST MONTH, feminist activists attached woolen hair to the armpits of female statues in London, as shown in this photo from UK Feminista. These daring activists were taking an important stand, don’t you know? Their point was that women have been forced for many years to remove their body hair.  According to Chloe Marshall, of UK Feminista: A few […]

When Having a Child Elicits Sniping Comments

  SUZANNE writes: My husband and I are happy to be expecting our fourth child in seven years of marriage. Unfortunately, I rather dread telling most of my family members. We are Protestant, and the idea of “openness to life” has not been embraced for at least three generations, as far as I call tell. […]

Person, Not Man

  FRED OWENS writes: The headline in the Los Angeles Times last week read: “Neil Armstrong, first person to walk on the moon, dies at 82.” First “person?” The man lands on the moon and you have to correct his grammar when he dies? Person is a terrible word, corporations are persons, but I am […]

Rosin on the Hookup Culture

  ONE THING I like about the feminist Hanna Rosin is that she admits, as many people do not, that sexual liberation and economic equality for women are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have the second without the first. Conservatives who think that women can give up promiscuity, and at the same […]

We ♥ Women!

  THE out-sized ego of the American woman, which is like a bobbing inflatable on the political landscape, received major injections of hot air last night at the Republican Convention in Tampa. Ann Romney is beautiful and bright. But her speech — before the bank of hypnotizing, Orwellian screens onstage — was so much sugary pablum. Mrs. Romney’s answer to […]

Gainsborough’s Children

  THE great 18th century British portraitist Thomas Gainsborough had a way of capturing both the innocence and gravity of childhood. His portraits of children call to mind Constable’s words about Gainsborough, “”On looking at them, we find tears in our eyes and know not what brings them.”  In the above portrait of his daughters, one reaching for […]

A Professor Who Taught Wisdom

  GREG J. writes: I have been reading the Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis. These are as rewarding as any of the books Lewis published in his lifetime, and have the additional interest that always accrues from the experience of reading through a great man’s private correspondence with friends and loved ones. In a letter to […]

The Thinking Housewife and Blabbermouths on the Internet

  JANE S. writes: Recently, a reader called Jen said The Thinking Housewife is a “joke,” because it doesn’t have an open comments feature. The reason for this, according to Jen, is because Laura Wood is too cowardly to allow transparent open discussion on her site. A few days ago, quite by accident, I googled “The […]

Ryan’s Common Sense and Admirable Record

  THE New York Times makes the case today for why Ryan was a good choice. The editorial titled “Paul Ryan’s Social Extremism” is excerpted below.

Why Akin Deserves to Lose

  IN THE entry on the controversial remarks of Congressman Todd Akin, a reader says Akin, who is now trailing Claire McCaskill, should have dropped out of the race. Clark Coleman writes: Akin projects a certain stereotype that many voters detest, and some of them are in the GOP, such as myself: the politician who thinks that […]