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Daily Archives: August 2nd, 2012

The Home of Carl and Karin Larsson

  THE SWEDISH PAINTER Carl Larsson created one of the Europe’s most beloved visions of domestic harmony. Dozens of Larsson’s watercolors and paintings featured his immediate surroundings: his wife, Karin; their children, their house and the countryside near Sundborn, the village where they lived in the late nineteenth century. A son confined to a chair in punishment, the children diving into the river, two daughters getting dressed with […]

Amtrak Wages Its Own War Against Children

  KATHLENE M. writes: I just found out today that the government-subsidized Amtrak is now promoting “Ride with Pride,” a pro-same-sex-family advertising campaign. The ads show two white “fathers” with a boy, and two black “mothers” with a girl. The Blaze has more background but you can also see this for yourself at Amtrak’s website. […]

Liberalism Leads People to Err, and Then Exploits Their Error

  PETER writes: I was thinking about how all these progressive “freedoms” liberals impose by default now come with hefty penalties for any dissent. It’s deceptive by nature. A campaign of value replacement sold as rights expansion is obviously devastating all known liberty. Their call to denounce the human experience betrays liberalism’s inherent inhumanity.

The More Macho Women’s Sports Become, the More They Are Promoted

   IBITSAAM writes: Since the start of the Olympic Games, Google has been featuring daily cartoons depicting different sporting events. I have yet to see a cartoon that depicts a male participant.