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Daily Archives: August 3rd, 2012

More on Carl Larsson

  MEREDITH writes: It pained me to read that some of the Swedish painter Carl Larsson’s critics questioned the happiness of that family, and called him a hypocrite.  What rot!  And how wonderful that he had such a family and a haven to retreat to, as all men should.  It allowed him to go on, and continue to paint, […]

The Temptation of Government Loans

  KAREN I. writes: The post about liberalism leading people to error, and then exploiting their error reminds me of something I saw a family do recently. I live in a large apartment complex. It features townhouse-style apartments in a country setting, and it is very affordable, with heat included. Several families with stay-at-home parents have […]

A Vitalist Upgrade for Your Office

  SAGE McLAUGHLIN writes: The constant drudgery of a desk job was always an attractive target for some uber-vitalist freak. Exercise balls to sit on? That’s nothing. Try this on.

Write to General Mills

  JONATHAN writes: Greetings! I read your article on boycotting General Mills due to the company’s public support of homosexual marriage. The company’s stance originated in a blog post by Ken Charles, General Mills’ vice president of “global diversity.” I believe his direct e-mail would be:

A Pledge of Traditionalist Indigestion

  PAUL writes: Deep-Southern-fried death to be sure, but I will find something to eat at Chick until I am assured Chick will prosper. I don’t know where one is, but I will find one and become a Chick customer until the crisis is over.

The “Special” Olympics

  JAMES P. writes: The International Olympic Committee browbeat the Saudis into including women on their Olympic team, according to CNN. In Saudi Arabia, women are, for all practical purposes, forbidden to participate in sports. Therefore, the Saudis had trouble finding any female athletes to take part in the IOC-mandated charade. Finally, the Saudis nominated […]