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Daily Archives: August 6th, 2012

Is It Improper to Wonder If Extreme Depravity Is Subhuman?

  A READER writes: I’ve noticed you’ve avoided the whole VFR firestorm. I found the conversation interesting but I thought that it was not a conversation to be engaged in within the public sphere. The reason why is this; some subject matters require proper discipline and education to be responsibly engaged in.

Discriminating Against No One But the Child

    JEANETTE V. writes: I occasionally browse sites run by adoption agencies. I am too old to adopt a baby but I look anyway. This is what I saw. Very disturbing indeed. Quite frankly even though I am 60 and my husband 55, I believe we would make a far better home for a child […]

The Rage Will Never Die

  AFTER almost 50 years of aggressive, government-enforced affirmative action and non-stop celebration of every and any worldly accomplishment by women, feminist outrage lives on with no sign of abating. Jessica Valenti argues in a piece in The Nation that women continue to be victims of society’s relentless beauty standards. Beauty shouldn’t matter at all. Be forewarned: There is […]

Girls Partying with Girls

  MARY writes: In light of your recent post “Britain’s Plague of Drunks,” I must pass on this ad for Skinny Cocktails. It shows girls getting drunk together. What fun. Through a guest who brought a bottle of this stuff to my house for a barbeque I learned that the creator of this line of drinks […]

A Powerful Catholic Ad

  SEE this amazingly forceful presidential election ad by Catholics Called to Witness that goes so far as to suggest that Catholics who vote for Obama in November will jeopardize their salvation. This commercial is unlike any anti-Obama advertisement I have ever seen. The commercial has one weakness and that is its reference to the talking point […]