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Daily Archives: August 8th, 2012

A Boy in a Dress

  MANY PARENTS today are shockingly ignorant when it comes to the mental world of children. This ignorance is the inevitable result of the prolonged infertility that came with the sexual revolution. During their twenties and early thirties, many adults hardly interact with anyone under the age of ten. A society that produces few children grows progressively more stupid and […]

Even a Government Safety Commercial Promotes Confused Sex Roles

  DIANA writes: I decided to watch the news this morning and got what I deserved. On NBC, during the interminable Olympics coverage, there was a piece about “gender-neutral” bagpiping. Turning in disgust away from this to another channel, I saw a commercial whose premise wasn’t immediately clear to me. The scene was a group […]

More on the Left’s War against Beauty

  DIANA writes: Back in the 1970s, when Ms. Magazine was the new thing and all the rage, I read it. Billie Jean King was once on the cover. The interview took place before Maria Sharapova was conceived. Perhaps before her mother was conceived. BJK was ranting about how irrelevant a woman athlete’s looks should […]

The Pope Blesses the Olympics

  AT Tradition in Action, Marian T. Horvat explains how Pope Benedict XVI’s recent blessing of the Olympic Games, and his statement that the Olympics are important in creating “universal fraternity,” were in contradiction of earlier teachings of the Church. The modern world idolizes sports. In 1952, Pope Pius XII, who almost certainly would not have placed his benediction on […]

Palin Chic

  SARAH PALIN, still the avatar of Republican Girl Power, was in Missouri this week campaigning for Senatorial candidate Sarah Steelman in platform shoes, tight jeans, over-sized sunglasses and a Super Man T-shirt. Playing the ditz liberals always said she was, Palin referred to Steelman as a “hot mama grizzly.” The woman who inspired a mass cult and left the Alaska […]