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Daily Archives: August 14th, 2012

He Criticized Lesbian Mothers — and Pays the Price

  KATHLENE M. writes: Robert Oscar Lopez had such hate-filled reactions to his initial article about growing up with two lesbian mothers, that he wrote a follow-up article called “The Soul-Crushing Scorched-Earth Battle for Gay Marriage.” He concludes: Since my article came out, I have been through far worse than I ever thought would happen. […]

Today’s Linebackers, Tomorrow’s Old Maids

  SEE this very funny cartoon at The Onion. The same could be said of today’s Olympic boxers.

A 19th Century Report Card

HERE IS another example of fraktur, the Pennsylvania German folk art that included colorful, handmade renditions of important documents, usually marriage and birth certificates, house blessings and bookplates. This is a “Reward of Merit” given to a student by a teacher in about 1830.

Feminism in a Face, Before and After

  A READER sent the photos below, one of herself when, as she put it, she was divorced and accepted feminist views of life, and the other when she was pregnant, married and had come to reject her former opinions. There is a striking difference, aside from the obvious change in her hair. The second photo lacks the hard edge […]