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Daily Archives: August 16th, 2012

“We Need an Underground Railroad for Children”

  JESSE POWELL writes: Bryan Fischer has spoken out on his radio show Focal Point about the Lisa Miller case. Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association. The American Family Association and the recently-attacked Family Research Council were both listed as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center in November […]

The Olympics, Mary Poppins and the Global Revolution

  I WROTE in a previous post that the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics featured flashes of the demonic, and among the moments I was thinking of  was this appearance of Lord Voldemort (photo above). At Tradition in Action, Margaret C. Galitzin provides a truly outstanding critique of the opening ceremonies. Her analysis affirms my point […]

Mennonite Faces Up to Three Years in Prison for Helping Ex-Lesbian Flee

  HOW can a mother abduct her own child and be considered a kidnapper because she refused to hand over the child to the woman who was once her lesbian lover? It can happen when parental rights are defined by the liberal State. The case of Lisa Miller, who presumably fled to Nicaragua with her daughter, resulted in the conviction […]

How the FRC Shooting Was Covered

  THE STORY OF yesterday’s shooting at the conservative Family Research Council was buried on page 15 in the front section of The New York Times today. Imagine if a tea party member with a gun had sought entry to the offices of a homosexual organization and had shot a security guard. That presumably would have been played differently. At Newsbusters, […]

On the Fear of Speaking Out

  PAULA BLANCHARD writes: I have repeatedly posted my feelings on homosexuality on Facebook and have wondered why I never, ever get any response from my 300 plus friends (positive or negative). And then recently a friend whom I have known for at least 30 years privately messaged me to tell me that she loved […]

Why Women Don’t Need Personal Trainers or Yoga Wear

  THE FITNESS obsession in women is part of their overall loss of identity in the modern world. At her blog, Lydia Sherman explains why women don’t need expensive health clubs or time-consuming physical regimens. Staying fit involves mind and spirit. When a woman is oriented toward higher goods, she is healthier too. The home is a […]