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Daily Archives: August 26th, 2012

Why Akin Deserves to Lose

  IN THE entry on the controversial remarks of Congressman Todd Akin, a reader says Akin, who is now trailing Claire McCaskill, should have dropped out of the race. Clark Coleman writes: Akin projects a certain stereotype that many voters detest, and some of them are in the GOP, such as myself: the politician who thinks that […]

Wedding Extremism Kills Bride

  CYNDI writes: I recall the discussions you had (here, here and here) on the repulsive turn that weddings and wedding photography have taken over the past few years with trash-the-dress shoots. Well, the worst has happened. A bride in Quebec was dragged to her death while being photographed in a river.

The World Doesn’t Need Men (of This Kind)

  WRITING in The New York Times, a professor of biology at Boise State University says that the world could survive just fine without men as long as enough sperm was frozen to keep the species alive. Greg Hampikian looks around him — at a physical and intellectual infrastructure erected almost entirely by men —  and says it […]

Brutal Murder Brings Tears and Blue Ribbons

  THE cold-blooded murder of Megan Boken, a 23-year-old graduate of the University of St. Louis who was gunned down in broad daylight last Saturday afternoon by an 18-year-old during an alleged robbery, is a stark example of how Americans react to a death of this kind. Family and friends have wept and prayed on Facebook. They have spoken […]