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Barbie the Drag Queen

August 20, 2012

CATHIE CLINE, a vice president of marketing for Mattel, Inc. recently told The New York Times: “One of the great things about Barbie is that she continues to push the envelope. Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.”

Maybe Barbie doesn’t care what other people think but Mattel might worry after it begins selling its transvestite Barbie in December. Here again a major American corporation defies its own best interests. Drag queens don’t have children. People who dislike drag queens produce lots of little girls who play with dolls.

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Diana writes:

With respect to the Drag Barbie, you write, “Here again a major American corporation defies its own best interests.”

I wish I could agree with you, but our society has so degenerated to an apathetic, semi-barbarized mass of passive consumers, I can’t. I don’t think that Mattel will suffer at all from this latest outrage against common decency.

On the contrary, American parents will continue to buy Mattel toys for their kids, and among a certain crowd, Mattel will get a reputation for being cool and “edgy.”

Honest, I wish I could agree with you. But I don’t. Until I see consumers waking up and fighting back, I see decay and death.

 Laura writes:

Diana writes:

among a certain crowd, Mattel will get a reputation for being cool and “edgy.”

 But that’s a crowd that produces few children.

It’s true the effect might not be immediate. J.C. Penney’s suffered a dramatic loss in its stock value within a few months of its decision to hire Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson but perhaps the same won’t happen here. Nevertheless, Mattel’s image has been tarnished with the fruitful crowd that is not cool and edgy — and I believe that will have a long-term effect.

Diana writes:

ell, I hope you are right – that doing things like this is a harbinger of a company’s downfall. Yes, I realize that people who buy drag queen Barbies tend to have few children and I heard about JC Penney’s losses. It seems that the guy they brought in to turn the company around is driving it into the ground, instead. But I’d like to see more proof that arrogantly spitting in the public’s eye will bring about a fierce reaction.

I don’t watch network TV, but next season NBC will have that show about “gay dads” availing themselves of reproductive prostitution (“surrogacy”). Let’s see what the reception to that is. In a sane society, people would boycott every one of the advertisers, and the network itself. That won’t happen. I predict that the show will get bad reviews and won’t last long but that no one will have the guts to say that the show is sick and wrong.

Terry Morris writes:

This would have been impossible no more than ten years ago, and people still seem oblivious to the exponential rate at which our society is destroying itself.

Jeanette V., who sent the story, writes:

It seems that a moral person has to hole up in a cave in order to raise virtuous boy and girls and not have their innocence damaged by our modern culture.

Mary K. writes:

This looks like just about every other Barbie doll, only trashier. And how can a female dress in drag? It ought to be Drag Queen Ken, but that would be too much for all but the edgiest of queer activists. Mattel still wants to sell these dolls. Liberals can say they support cross-dressing et al, but their support wouldn’t go so far as to purchase such a monstrous thing.

Laura writes:

Yes, it makes no sense. Either every Barbie is a male in disguise or this is not a Barbie.

The doll does, by the way, look different from the other Barbies. The upper face and eyes are bigger, too big for a woman, and it has the creepy, I-can’t-believe-I’m-getting-away-with-this expression men pretending to be women wear.

Terry Morris writes:

Jeanette’s point about holing up in a cave is well taken. On the other hand, God’s people can take advantage of these kinds of things to re-inforce the superiority of their values, their intolerances for certain kinds of behaviorisms, and their dedication to precepts instructing them to take no part in such perversions, and to flee from them.

For my own part, I don’t concern myself with the condition of the larger culture much anymore. My concern is for my family, first and foremost; of preparing my children for eligibility to a happy state in the next world, to paraphrase Noah Webster. When events like this come to my attention, therefore, and although I’m incensed, and repulsed, and deeply offended by them, I nonetheless tend to use them advantageously to re-inforce the principles of a biblical-Christian worldview. I don’t try to hide them from my children. I confront them head-on, attempting to trace them back, through cause and effect, to their source.

When God began to furnish the earth with plants and animals and various kinds of trees, and so forth, he made distinct kinds whose seeds were in themselves. The laws of nature which he established from the beginning dictate that a seed planted, watered and tended will produce its own kind of fruit. Politics follows the same law. Hence, when the seeds of socialism were planted way back when, it was inevitable that one day our nation would transform itself into a socialistic Nation-State. Likewise, when the seeds of sexual deviancy were planted, it was inevitable that we’d ultimately wind up where we are now, a point at which virtually no one could imagine at the time for lack of vision.

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