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Even a Government Safety Commercial Promotes Confused Sex Roles

August 8, 2012


DIANA writes:

I decided to watch the news this morning and got what I deserved. On NBC, during the interminable Olympics coverage, there was a piece about “gender-neutral” bagpiping.

Turning in disgust away from this to another channel, I saw a commercial whose premise wasn’t immediately clear to me. The scene was a group of parents of young kids in a playground.

Most of the parents were white, they were well into their 30s, one was a white father with a baby strapped to his chest in one of those padded cloth contraptions. The parents were playing “middle-class one-upmanship.” (Should that be changed to one-up-personship?) Each parent challenged another parent with a question.  The questions came in very rapid fire fashion with that supposedly humorous undertone latterly known as “snarky.” 

One question went like this:  “Did you know that boys who play with dolls make better husbands?” Another parent immediately answered this question, “My son has lots of dolls.”

(My own response to the question was, “Husbands of other men, maybe.”)

Because I wanted to know who or what brought us this commercial, I watched to the end. It was “”  Like Amtrak, a money-losing government monopoly with no need to advertise, and a great need to economize, the is a U.S. Government effort. Perhaps its intended purpose is benign, but like all other arms of the U.S. Government, it now is part of the effort to deluge the American public with propaganda, whose purpose is to destroy not only every last shred of traditional morality, but every last shred of common sense.

Am I making too much of one chance encounter? I don’t think so. I rarely watch television.  And whenever I do, I see something perverse brought to us by either Corporate America or  U.S. Government. If someone like me, who rarely watches television, continually encounters this, think about the brainwashing that people who watch a lot of TV undergo. It’s frightening to contemplate. Corporate America is a money-making monopoly and the federal government is a money-losing monopoly.  Neither will go out of business until either nature takes its course, or the citizens do something about these dual monopolies.

My money is on the former, because the idea of citizenship is dead. And the idea of citizenship is dead because most people are brainwashed, and those of us who aren’t, are justifiably frightened of the consequences of resistance.

—– Comments —–

James P. writes:

“Did you know that boys who play with dolls make better husbands?”

My answer: “When boys play with them, they’re called action figures.”

(When I was a youngster, I was tremendously offended when a female shopkeeper referred to the Star Wars action figures I planned to purchase as “dolls”.)

Mrs. P. writes:

Our son played with G.I.Joes when he was little. The wars he conducted on the floor of his bedroom with these toy soldiers were impressive. He had such fun. At the time some friends of ours had three young sons. Their youngest son was about four when he acquired a few of these G.I. Joe toys perhaps as gifts. But our friends felt uncomfortable about letting their boys play with anything that resembled a doll even if the toy was masculine and dressed in a military uniform, rifle and all. G.I. Joes looked too much like Barbie dolls to suit them I suppose. I believe they were overly concerned about their sons’ sexual orientation leading them to be too controlling. Our son became the glad recipient of their son’s G.I. Joes in the end.

Dolls or no dolls, our son and their sons turned out to be good husbands to their wives and good fathers to their children.

Laura writes:

Wow, I can’t imagine anyone today objecting to G.I. Joes because they are emasculating!

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