The Thinking 

Feminism in a Face, Before and After

August 14, 2012


A READER sent the photos below, one of herself when, as she put it, she was divorced and accepted feminist views of life, and the other when she was pregnant, married and had come to reject her former opinions. There is a striking difference, aside from the obvious change in her hair. The second photo lacks the hard edge and toughness of the first.




 —– Comments —–

Mrs. M. writes:

The “face of feminism” speaks a million words! The reader looks younger and happier in her “after” picture. I lived this metamorphosis as well; I look younger now that I have a husband and children in my life and I shed the feminist mindset. Watching the faces of people when they find out my age is an admitted ego-boost; they cannot believe I am “that old”!

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