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How the FRC Shooting Was Covered

August 16, 2012


THE STORY OF yesterday’s shooting at the conservative Family Research Council was buried on page 15 in the front section of The New York Times today. Imagine if a tea party member with a gun had sought entry to the offices of a homosexual organization and had shot a security guard. That presumably would have been played differently. At Newsbusters, Tim Graham reports that ABC was the only of the three major networks to offer a complete story.

—- Comments —–

Izzy writes:

While on the Family Research Council’s website, I came across this comment by a man named Dennis Ryan on this link.

“It wasn’t that long ago when a black & white couldn’t marry, it was against the law. Now mixed marriages are a part of everyday life. The same thing is happening with same sex partners. Today it’s an issue but in time it will also become a part of everday life and the resistance to this will become a footnote in history.”

 I have no words. Allowing same-sex marriage will bring the end of our race.

Laura writes:

The commenter does not explain why the exact opposite might not happen. It is probable interracial marriage will one day be as socially unacceptable as it once was.

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