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Lesbian Stages Hate Crime

August 21, 2012


A 33-year-old Nebraska woman prompted hundreds of people to rally in the state’s capital last month after she claimed she was attacked in her home by three men who carved anti-homosexual slurs into her skin. Police said today that the crime was a fake. According to KLKN news:

Charlie Rogers, the alleged hate crime victim, turned herself into authorities Tuesday afternoon.

The Lancaster County Attorney’s office had issued a warrant for Rogers for making a false report. Rogers is a former Husker basketball player.

Authorities say they arrested Rogers for making false statements to police and she was released on bond. Rogers claimed last month that three men broke into her Lincoln home, carved anti-gay slurs into her skin and tried to light her house on fire.

Court documents say the doctor who examined Rogers said the cuts were self-inflicted. Also, a Lincoln Hardware store employee told investigators that Rogers purchased the gloves, zip ties, and utility knife at the hardware store.

Lancaster County Attorney Joe Kelly says a judge issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for the 33-year-old Rogers, of Lincoln. Police had spent weeks investigating the case as a hate crime, saying it appeared to be motivated by anti-gay bias.

Rogers told police she was attacked by three masked men July 19. She reportedly crawled from her house, naked, bleeding and screaming for help. Details about the case spread rapidly on the Internet and prompted a rally that drew hundreds of people outside the Nebraska Capitol.

Rogers is a former Husker Basketball player.

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Jeanette V., who sent the story, writes:

This is the latest in a long string of staged crimes by homosexuals who know that ordinary people will be sympathetic to their “cause” if they make themselves the victim. They do this two ways: by telling lies (that Christians and conservatives want to lock up every homosexual and  support the death penalty for homosexuals); and by faking so-called hate crimes.

David C. writes:

It is a deeply disturbed person who carves slurs into her own flesh and willingly crawls out of her house naked for all her neighbors to see.

Is this really representative of homosexuals as a class or of the gay ‘rights’ movement, or is this just the behavior of a very sad, very messed-up woman?

Still, it is good that stories like this come to light, though I wish they’d get more circulation. They remind us not to let homosexual activists drive us into a fever pitch about all the horrific injustices they purportedly face. If I’d only heard that three men carved hate slurs into a lesbian’s arm, I’d have been skeptical right away.

Laura writes:

Is this really representative of homosexuals as a class or of the gay ‘rights’ movement, or is this just the behavior of a very sad, very messed-up woman?

It is the behavior of a very sad, very messed-up woman. But also a conniving woman, as she led the police on for many weeks when they could have been solving real crimes.

The many people who rallied in her defense before the full facts were known were not very sad, messed-up people.

Jeanette V. writes:

Here are more staged “hate crimes” by homosexuals. This has gotten to be quite the epidemic.

A Montana man was caught on video on the night of an alleged attack doing backflips on the street corner for “Olympic gold.” He landed on his face, and that’s how he actually got hurt.

Two Parker women who said in October they were victims of hate crimes because they are lesbians are now facing charges of false reporting and criminal mischief, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

A lesbian student was kicked out of college and arrested after it emerged she was behind a string of anti-homosexual messages slipped under her dorm room door.

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