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Let the Flame Die

August 12, 2012


THE OLYMPIC GAMES are not, as Pope Benedict XVI recently said, “the greatest sporting event in the world.”  They are an irredeemably vulgar and totalitarian spectacle. I have no intention of watching the closing ceremonies when they are broadcast here tonight. They couldn’t have come too soon. Judging from the photos, they were every bit as chilling as the opening ceremonies, with their bedazzling, techno-babble chaos, their pantomimes of patriotism, their flashes of demonic imagery, all under the Royal Family’s adoring gaze. It was about as enjoyable as being stunned with a Taser. Whatever residue of warm feeling I had toward the Olympics has been extinguished.

—- Comments ——

Karen I. writes:

I completely agree with you about the Olympics! My children were watching the closing ceremony with me and they were confused about what was going on. I tried to explain it by saying that’s just the way the English are, but it seemed to insult our (partly) English heritage to put it in that light.

The strangest part to me was the fashion sequence, where beautiful models were displayed on moving carts to music like freaks in a circus show. I know they are paraded on the catwalk in fashion shows, but at least there people know the purpose of it is to sell clothes. I don’t know what the purpose of displaying the models was last night. Kate Moss in particular was a sad sight. To see such a beautiful woman being carted around with a blank expression like an exotic animal on display was pathetic. I wondered whey she would consent to such treatment, then realized that it is likely her line of work has made her accustomed to such things.

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