The Thinking 

Liberalism Leads People to Err, and Then Exploits Their Error

August 2, 2012


PETER writes:

I was thinking about how all these progressive “freedoms” liberals impose by default now come with hefty penalties for any dissent. It’s deceptive by nature. A campaign of value replacement sold as rights expansion is obviously devastating all known liberty. Their call to denounce the human experience betrays liberalism’s inherent inhumanity.

What fate awaits those who willfully or instinctively reject its agenda? My impression is that perceptive and engaged people sense a dormant evil lying under liberalism’s veneer. Perhaps that’s why so many initially overreact to opposition to the program, unfortunately giving it even greater leverage.

Consider the degeneracy of liberal elites, where it seems apparent today that liberalism is something to impose not practice. Debased to nothing more than leverage, just push the guilt button whenever you want to extract loot or loyalty from the masses. Elites in general have been equally seduced by it. All the arguing is about now is who gets to push the button.

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