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Has Romney Thrown the Boy Scouts under the Bus?

August 9, 2012


VINCENT C. writes:

After reading this piece at CNS News, I was reminded of what Konrad Adenauer, the former prime minister of (West) Germany, and a deeply religious Catholic, once said:

How improvident of the Almighty to limit man’s intelligence without limiting his stupidity.

I am scheduled to attend a Romney bus stop visit in Virginia on Saturday, and I shall inquire if it is indeed true that Romney believes the Boy Scouts should admit homosexuals as Scout leaders. If it is, the presumptive heir to the GOP presidential nomination has lost vital support from those whom Speaker Boehner is known to refer to as “knuckledraggers.”

I am ineluctably drawn to the conclusion that to believe that Romney is a “conservative” other than a fiscal one is also to believe in the tooth fairy. All “conservatives of faith” know that Romney is a cipher on social issues, but this support of homosexual leaders in the Boy Scouts is, to cite the military reference, “one bridge too far.”

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