The Thinking 

Saturday Morning with the Obama Campaign

August 1, 2012


MARY K. writes:

The Obama campaign came to my neighborhood on Saturday. I spent the morning working in my front garden, so I observed about a dozen canvassers making their rounds two by two. Every single one of them was a white female baby boomer! Most were also overweight and very poorly dressed: shorts and ratty t-shirts or tanks with bra straps hanging out, tube socks, even a few visors and fanny packs. Certainly an appropriate representation for the most proletarianizing (if that’s a word) president in history, but I doubt they could appreciate that.

When two of them approached me, I respectfully said I would not be voting for Obama and gave a few good reasons. The only response/talking point they seemed to have was that if I didn’t vote for him, social programs would be cut. Think of the people who depend on the government! It had apparently never occurred to them that President Obama’s policies have directly caused unprecedented numbers of Americans to be wards of the state, if you will. Forty-five million are on on food stamps! When I said that our current welfare state was unsustainable, and we’d have to find some other way of helping the poor in our own communities, the one woman looked visibly angry. The other could only say, “Well, I hope you think about education. By the end of President Obama’s next term, your little guy will be in school.” (My two-year-old was outside with me.) I laughed to myself because I have no intention whatsoever of sending my son into the abyss that is public education, as well as at her assumption that Obama would win, but I only said, “Well, I consider my son’s education my responsibility, not the federal government’s.” Gawking looks in response.

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