The Thinking 

A Pledge of Traditionalist Indigestion

August 3, 2012


PAUL writes:

Deep-Southern-fried death to be sure, but I will find something to eat at Chick until I am assured Chick will prosper. I don’t know where one is, but I will find one and become a Chick customer until the crisis is over.

Typically, after carving off all the white fat, I “barbecue” (burn) thick boneless breasts and apply honey-barbecue sauce at the end of the burning. Delicious and totally fat-free especially when combined with my barbecued, unpeeled vitamin-filled potatoes wrapped in tin foil and topped off with pork ‘n beans (the pork has been long gone) spiced with a tablespoon of barbecue sauce, onion, and chalets. I never add any salt or pepper —- except to the potato; I can’t resist.

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