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The Culture War and the Chicken Sandwich, cont.

August 4, 2012


MARY writes:

It’s interesting that homosexual activists were so furious over the success of the day promoting Chick-fil-A. Some have responded by calling for protests and aggressive tactics against Chick-fil-A in response, which is unfortunate. There must be multitudes of businesses, musicians (Melissa Etheridge et al), etc. that are thriving solely due to the devotion of homosexuals, but apparently this fact is lost on them.

The truth is many, many people would have shown their support even without Huckabee’s rallying cry. Chick-fil-A would have seen a big bump in business, sending the same message in the end. I already knew, as did millions, that Chick-fil-A deserved support for the courage of the owner. Huckabee’s call served to concentrate this effort into one day – but it also incited the other side to respond in kind; time will tell how this plays out. It may ultimately be more effective simply to inform people and let these things progress organically, such as the effectiveness of Million Moms against J.C.Pennys. A steady decline or increase in business is in the long run much more effective in my view. The numbers are stacked against them and for us. To paraphrase Laura, there are millions who may not be comfortable, or can’t, articulate their position but can act from their gut and quietly give or withhold their business, without worrying about being verbally attacked or having to explain themselves.

TTH may have written about this before, but at this time I can’t help but ponder the success of the National Legion of Decency and the power it had over Hollywood in the 30’s and 40’s. I know the name sound positively retrograde now but it was effective. Bishops would ban movies for offensive content, priests would spread the word from the pulpit, and masses of people would simply sit out and lower ticket sales tremendously. People were spared exposure to degraded material and were also held in check by their community since the banned movies were announced publicly. This was the Catholic heyday in Hollywood: Bells of Saint Mary’s, Song of Bernadette, Going My Way, etc. Could it be Hollywood was trying to appeal to the L of D and get on their good side? It is my understanding that many or most Protestants also followed the Legion of Decency’s recommendations.

Movie going was a major form of entertainment back then, as movie viewing in the home is now. In using the Legion of Decency’s recommendations people were relieved of the difficulty of deciding, without a lot of available information, which movies would be appropriate for their children, etc. With that in mind and with Laura’s permission, I would like to recommend the website for extremely comprehensive details about the content of movies from about the year 2000 on which I often use before renting movies for my family.

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