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The Duchess and the Boxer

August 9, 2012


 DANIEL O. writes:

I do not know whether you have seen the film Idiocracy, and I do not know whether you will appreciate the film. Yet, the term ”idiocracy” accurately covers the situation in which an upcoming British queen consort is cheering for a muscular black woman to beat up a Chinese woman in the boxing ring, as reported by The Daily Mail. At any rate, at least the Duchess of Cambridge was watching the beating up ”stylish” — a word expressly used by The Daily Mail.

The term “‘ochlocracy″ also comes to mind. Increasingly, I am wondering whether the modernist ”nobility” should still be addressed with their official titles by traditionalist men and women. If the nobility is as vulgar as an ochlocratic mob, then it is an ochlocracy, and should be addressed as such. However, this would mean that traditionalist men and women lose this part of their decorum, since the use of titles to address someone is a good custom. What is your take on this? What is their due?

Laura writes:

That’s an interesting question.

It seems to me the ideal scenario would be to keep the titles and get rid of the Windsor family, who have brought the British throne so low. This is an idea Lawrence Auster suggested here.

Laura adds:

Notice the prosaic outfit of Kate, who could be any coach on the sidelines. If this is the way royalty dresses, what’s left for the rest of us? We might as well wear pajamas.

She is mesmerizingly insipid.

—– Comments —–

Susan-Anne White writes:

It was disgraceful for Royalty and politicians to attend female boxing bouts and cheer them on, thereby showing their approval of that dangerous, barbaric “sport.” If they are so keen on seeing women make fools of themselves and, by extension, make fools of all of us women, why don’t they enter the ring themselves and throw their weight around? This will never happen, of course. The feminist politicians and feminist Royalty want women to have an equal right to be beaten black and blue but they wouldn’t dream of exposing themselves to such risk. The Duchess of Cambridge is not modest and never has been, she loves to show her legs and even her wedding dress was not modest (in my opinion). Some Royals have a track record of adultery, fornication and debauchery, yet we bow and curtsey to them. I respect the Monarchy as an institution but I cannot and do not respect most Royals.

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