The Thinking 

“The Empire of the Lie”

August 7, 2012


AT Galliawatch, Tiberge has posted an interview with the French author Maurice Bonnet about his book L’Empire du Mensonge. Bonnet maintains that French society is saturated with lies. Among them is the lie of feminism. Bonnet states in the interview:

I know many intelligent, marvelous women, and I feel that none of them would disagree with me. I call a spade a spade, and the condition into which our society is sinking is a disaster, due to the combined forces of the egalitarian lie, the venom of mixing women with men (“mixité”), the stupid principle of parity, and other idiocies of the same ilk. The situation is extremely grave. The invasion of all functions by women, even in the police and the army, should put us on the alert. We are going mad. This world, these people, who never stop talking about their “values”, without ever explaining what they really consist of, have lost the most precious of values: simple common sense.

Thanks to Tiberge, we are able to obtain these glimpses into the top French stories and French culture with her excellent translations.

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