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Turkish Columnist Speaks the Truth

August 9, 2012


A TURKISH newspaper columnist has strongly criticized the defeminization of women at the Olympic Games. “Womanhood is dying at the Olympics,” Yuksel Aytug wrote in his column in the newspaper Sabah, according to The Daily Mail. Aytug said the appearance of women athletes at the games is “pathetic.”

Broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips; [they are] totally indistinguishable from men.

Their breasts – the symbol of womanhood, motherhood – flattened into stubs as they were seen as mere hindrances to speed.

A man who dares to say what every normal person has been thinking when confronted with the muscle-bound female gladiators at the games and what soft, effeminate Western men would not dare articulate, Aytug has been attacked for his remarks throughout the Western world. He is tiresomely accused of misogyny. In fact, judging from these words, he is an admirer of women, a courageous defender of them. The Olympic Games are anti-woman. They require female athletes to ape men in grotesque ways. They compromise female fertility and modesty. They promote the idea that aggression and competitiveness in women are normal and healthy. They debase not just women athletes but womanhood throughout the world.

—— Comments ——

James N. writes:

AND, however masculinized they become (and they are probably the best women in their events on the planet) – they can’t come CLOSE to the bottom third of the male competitors in events where one-on-one comparisons can be made (time and distance events).

It’s interesting that, as the medical entity of transgenderism falls into disrepute, it’s sociopolitical significance has never been higher.

It’s not nice to fool mother nature.

Ben J., who sent the article, writes:

I have worked with Turks before, and have many friends who worked in Turkey for extended periods of time. From my experience, they aren’t especially politcally correct, which I find very refreshing.

 The folks from the Daily Mail even proved the guy’s point: They have a photo in the article of two players from the British beach volleyball team, captioned to mock Mr. Aytug. Just one look at this picture proves his point! Actually all the pictures in that article prove his point.

James P. writes:

Mannish tattooed females in hot pants — what’s not to like? USA, USA, USA! Check out the tramp stamps on the volleyball team here and here.

Peter writes:

Over the weekend while out of town, the only Olympics I watched was women’s volleyball. As it happened, the teams were the U.S. and Turkey. I was immediately struck at how feminine with a sporty elegance the Turkish women were compared to most other athletes. They really do stand out, what a fine group of young ladies. Not salacious nor garish, just natural femininity.

Ibitsaam writes:

One of South Africa’s medal hopefuls at the London Olympics is the 800 m. runner, Caster Semenya. I caught a glimpse of her finishing a race on TV a few years ago, and I remember exclaiming: ‘Is that a man or a woman?!?!’ Just the very next week, she became the centre of a whole debacle of gender testing to determine whether she was competing fairly in female events.

I wasn’t following the issue too closely, but I assume she was ruled sufficiently female because she is currently competing in the women’s event at the Olympics.

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