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“We Need an Underground Railroad for Children”

August 16, 2012



Bryan Fischer has spoken out on his radio show Focal Point about the Lisa Miller case. Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association. The American Family Association and the recently-attacked Family Research Council were both listed as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center in November 2010. Here is a twelve-minute segment from his radio show in which he gives background information on the Lisa Miller case.

It is entitled, “We need an underground railroad to protect children from same-sex environments.”

—– Comments —-

Alissa writes:

I’m starting to think that it has become a little dangerous for a family or a person to give up children for adoption nowadays. You either end up with degenerates, homosexuals or international adoptees who instill multiculturalism in you. But who is behind this? Is it the government? Is it international organizations? Who is doing this? Thanks to feminism the number of children created outside of marriage (e.g. cohabitation), or during a one-night stand (e.g. casual sex), has increased. It’s almost like a lottery that wants for the person to consistently fail at being in good environments and to succumb to degeneracy. It’s horrible.

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